Hello World!

POSTED BY   Tim Pfeifer
4. January 2017
Hello World

I did not count the times how often I tried to start my own Blog. The very first must be some ages ago. I still doubt whether it is going to be something this time. But it has to.

I am actually writing this article in Word. There is no blog set up yet. I do not know if I am going to use WordPress, Joomla, or what else there is. I do not have a design or plugins in my mind. This time I just going to start.

My name is Tim and I am studying computer science at the University of cooperative education Glauchau. My semesters consist of one half of theory and in the other, I use the gleaned knowledge in my company. Someone on StackOverflow said that it is useful to have his own blog. There you write about some interesting facts you just found out or share links. Well, this is such a blog. I do not know yet how often I will write, but I hope one day I am doing this regularly.



P.S: English is not my native language. If you found some mistakes then contact me at this e-mail address: grammernazi@timswrld.com (Yep, you got me. I have nevertheless thought about some things.)


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